Sunday July 27

nah, i gave no fucks about what my momma had to say really.

i think my argument was too strong, thats why she sounded sooo fucking stupid.

you’re not gonna neglect my brother all of his life (he’s 23), and then get upset with me because I’m frustrated with his bad habits. nahhhhhhhhh

oh, my brother has down syndrome, and I’m the only one that cares about him. he’s dead ass invisible to everyone. literally . shit, I’m the only one that understand him the most when he starts talking.

i pay him no mind, though.. cause he’s a rude ass hole. I’m the nicest to him and he’s so shitty to me.

anyway, out of all the important things we were arguing about .. the only thing that blew my top was when she randomly told me to pick my robe up off the floor, and then claimed it looked untidy -__- and then after random shit talking said ”i don’t clean up after myselfffffffffffffff”.

whatttttttttttttttt, nahhh. whattttt?

nahhh, you’re good momma.

#1 you don’t live here. so everything you have here makes my damn house look untidy!

#1 everyone knows you to be an untidy ass bitch, like?

#1 you musttttttttttttt be referring to the cum tissues you justtttttt loveeeeeee picking up every damnnnnnn morning cause someone fucking askeddddd you to.

i fuck and then i sleep. shit, bitch, please. get out my face witcho’weak’ass. shit bitch, I’m clean as fuck.

this pissed me off the most cause she didnt acknowledge anything i had to say about her role in my brothers life. the same thing applies to me and my hurt. thats probably why i was ready to crush her head with the fridge.

i don’t respect nobodies shit. 

die. peace.